Video Conferencing at Century City Conference Centre

We are proud to add yet another digital innovation to Century City Conference Centre, with Video Conferencing available in all our venues.

Video Conferencing (VC) is now available as a complimentary inclusion in all our boardrooms. For larger audiences, we have introduced an advanced Video Conferencing Pro system in our Meeting Rooms and a 100% customizable solution in our Halls

Productive meetings are borne from the marriage between quality technology and good meeting habits, and our technical partner Multi-Media has ensured that we are equipped with the best technology to guarantee a seamless experience.


How does our Video Conferencing Pro solution in our Meeting Rooms differentiate from a ‘normal’ platform meeting?

Our larger Meeting Rooms have been equipped with a Video Conferencing Pro system, with state of the art video features which include:

  • Auto-framing: Automatically frames all meeting participants in view for every meeting. The camera uses facial tracking and motion to frame subjects.
  • 12 x Optical Zoom: Ideal solution for mid-to-large scale meeting spaces
  • Sony True WDR: Produces a clear image under the varying lighting conditions
  • 1080p HD quality: ‘P’ for progressive scan helps minimize blur caused by movement


As virtual meetings have become more prevalent over the last few months, sound quality has become as important as a stable Wi-Fi connection. We’ve ensured that everyone in attendance will be able to hear properly and be heard with the below audio features:

  • Dual-speaker and microphone array with a range of 6 meters
  • Noise suppression: Reduce ambient noise in the vicinity
  • Automatic gain (microphone volume control
  • Echo cancellation


For audiences which exceed the capacity limit in our Meeting Rooms, we have a solution for our Halls which is 100% customizable and includes Canon XA55 4k Cameras on tripod stands. Two laptops are provided, one for streaming and the second to dial in any remote presenters or participants via the platform of your choice. Then, dependent on event specific requirements, the necessary microphones needed (Lectern microphones, wireless, handheld or headset microphones and/or table top delegate microphones) are added.

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