Accessible Parking

  • Visitors driving to the Century City Conference Centre will find accessible parking available in the adjacent car park.
  • There are four dedicated disabled parking spaces on the ground floor. Please note that these spaces are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • The entrance to the Conference Centre is on the ground floor.
  • Visitors may also be dropped off on Energy Lane, where there is easy wheelchair access into either the Conference Centre or Hotel.
  • The venue is designed for maximum accessibility. Entry though either the parking garage or from the road provides easy access with the floor being designed flush with the Conference Centre and Hotel floor levels. The entrance doors are double automatic doors, and are always staffed when an event is taking place.
  • Our Reception Desk is situated on the ground floor. Our Guest Services team will provide you with local information and assist with any requests for transfers.
  • There is one lift, which is available from the ground floor to the first floor.
  • The conference halls are clearly indicated alphabetically, and the meeting rooms are indicated numerically. There is sufficient lighting provided to ensure maximum visibility.
  • The ground floor foyer is tiled, and all the Conference Halls are carpeted. The first floor foyer and meeting rooms are carpeted.
  • Audiovisual Assistance – Please arrange any audiovisual assistance with the Meetings & Events Co-ordinator.

Venue Access

Guide Dogs

  • Please arrange any assistance with guide dogs with a Meetings & Events coordinator


  • Ground Floor:
  1. Opposite Hall C. There are disabled-friendly toilets in both the women and men’s bathrooms.
  2. Next to Hall A. Separate Unisex Disabled Toilet.
  • FirstFloor:
  1. Next to Meeting Room
  2. There are disabled-friendly toilets in both the women and men’s bathrooms.
  • First Aid
  1. The First Aid room is located on the ground floor behind the reception desk. Please contact a Century City Conference Centre staff member should you require assistance. Alternatively, first aid assistance can be called to your location in the building.


  • Local transfer companies are able to provide wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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