Antigen Rapid Testing is now available at Century City Conference Centre

As part of our COVID-19 Commitment to Care programme, we are investigating various ways to provide additional levels of protection for our staff and guests. We are proud to introduce the first in the series of enhanced COVID-19 protocols to compliment the already rigorous Covid-19 protocols we have in place at the Conference Centre and Hotel. Available as an optional service, Antigen Rapid Testing is available at the Conference Centre and operated by NextPath BioSciences. Once the test is done, results are available  in a mere 15 minutes. Quick access to testing is critical to identifying people who have contracted  COVID-19 and directing them to self-isolate and focus on their healthcare needs while preventing the spread of infection to others.

The Antigen Rapid Testing operates via drive-through, with a nasal swab being used for collection. After 15 minutes, a SMS will be sent to your mobile number with your test results.


  • Antigen Test – Detects proteins called antigens
  • RT- PCR Test – Detects genetic material of a virus (Takes 24 – 36 hours)

NextPath Test Type Information

For more information on the Antigen Rapid Testing, contact our Meeting and Events Team: