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Making your event tech experience a pleasure

The key to hosting a successful event lies in the magic that happens when all the pieces come together seamlessly and effortlessly. We offer you with a wide range of technology solutions to ensure that your function not only runs to plan, but painlessly and efficiently.

Here are some of our tech offerings to help make your event a pleasure:

Virtual Conferencing
Century City Conference Centre introduces Century City Virtual Conference Centre as a complement to our existing services and facilities. This solution allows our clients to expand their events to include delegates in any location, globally.

Adding value beyond the ordinary: taking conferencing into the future

This new solution will not be in competition with our existing facilities: there will always be a crucial place for face-to-face meetings, conferences, exhibitions and banquets. Rather than replacing our physical offering, this timely innovation is an additional service for our clients to select from as consumer needs evolve.

Century City Virtual Conference Centre consists of studios and a virtual platform that offers clients a solution extending the range of possible events that we can facilitate – one that allows global conferences to host thousands of participants. This means that our venue capacities are now limitless!

For information about our new Virtual Conferencing Solution, please contact our events team on

Each delegate receives complimentary access to a high-speed 1GB per second, Seacom-fed Fibre line with a 1:1 Contention Ratio Internet connection as a standard part of our offering.

To give guests the best possible connectivity experience, a fibre optic backbone runs throughout the Conference Centre, terminating in strategic positions. High-speed wireless services are available in every room, and all services can be customised to suit the specific needs of each event.

The wireless network is built around an open-access model, which means that each delegate or guest is able to select which ISP’s services they would like to use. Alternatively, an event organiser can choose to partner with a specific ISP for the duration of a conference.

  • Our lounge areas are equipped with USB and plug points.
  • Free Wi-Fi available per delegate is 500mb (included in a delegate package), however, if a delegate is a guest at the Century City Hotel, their access to our Wi-Fi is unlimited (with certain restrictions applicable to downloading and streams – please enquire with a Century City Hotel representative for more information about this).
  • Dedicated Internet hardlines can be pre-arranged upon request (an additional cost will apply).

Detailed Wi-Fi Information

Century City Conference Centre provides the Hoist guest Internet offering, which is a very powerful Internet Wi-Fi Hotspot gateway server technology that is highly effective for even distribution of guest Internet feed. This offers a very positive guest experience in terms of Internet usage.

All our Wi-Fi transmitters are Ruckus-type units of the highest quality that operate in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequencies. The Conference Centre uses a 1 gigabyte (GB) per second*, Seacom-fed Fibre line with a 1:1 Contention Ratio, both locally and internationally, which means that the Centre does not share bandwidth with any other users on the ISP feed.

The Seacom Internet connection is then fed into the Hoist Gateway, which ensures that all concurrently connected users share the available bandwidth equally based on their requirements for the best possible experience.

The Centre uses generators to accommodate electrical load in the event of load shedding, subject to a 30-second start-up sequence, as is standard with all such high voltage three-phase generation equipment.

Audiovisual (AV) Technology
Century City Conference Centre has an on-site Audiovisual team to assist with your technical and AV needs. A dedicated venue technical host will be assigned to help you with the set-up and functionality required for your event.

Christie Brio Presentation Software System

Christie Brio Presentation Software is included in our venues.

This software offers a wireless interface between our projectors and screens, and your device/s that allows you to present wirelessly from your laptop/tablet/mobile phone. The system is available in both the Meeting Rooms and Halls.

It allows for up to five devices to be simultaneously connected during a presentation.

LCD Screens

The Hall screens* are borderless screens located in mobile racks, whereas the Meeting Room screens are permanently installed.

Exhibitions & Other Events

Please be advised that for the setup and breakdown of exhibitions, a Century City Conference Centre (CCCC) venue technical host will be required to assist exhibitors/service providers hired independently by clients. This is to ensure the smooth running of your event, and to safeguard our venue from technicians who are unfamiliar with the venue and its protocols.

One of our technicians will be available at your disposal to:

  • Manage CCCC-specific procedures and protocols
  • Collect and audit OHS Act safety files
  • Assist with access, infrastructure, and power supply etc.

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