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  • Our Graduates

    Our Graduates

    Giving Back and Empowering: Century City Conference Centre & Hotel Bursary Programme

    In 2016 Century City Conference Centre & Hotel proudly launched the first in a tradition of awarding two annual bursaries for deserving staff members.

    The Bursary Programme gives candidates the opportunity to pursue Traineeships in Hospitality Management, gaining practical industry experience, as well as affording them the chance after the initial course is completed to earn a valuable qualification: either a Diploma in Hospitality Management, or a Professional Cookery & Kitchen Management Diploma.

    Each year a number of eligible candidates make their way through a rigorous application process at Century City Conference Centre & Hotel, before the two final winners are selected.

    This traineeship comprises work-integrated learning undertaken at Century City Conference Centre, Century City Hotel and Square Cafe & Wine Bar, as well as theoretical study, tutorials and courses through the prestigious International Hotel School. Trainees work in modules, with their time being divided between Kitchens, Food & Beverage, Front Office, Rooms Division and other departments of the Hotel and Conference Centre. This allows them to see the full picture, standing them in good stead to work in the hospitality industry.

    These higher level qualifications that they can obtain at the end of the three years of further study are internationally recognised, and are at the level of an NQ7.

    Once their coursework is successfully completed, the candidates are guaranteed permanent employment at Century City Conference Centre & Hotel for one year after their studies. Here is what our first two outstanding graduates of the programme’s first graduating class in 2019 had to say about their experience:

    • Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management- IHS

    • Diploma in Hospitality Management – AHLEI (Summa cum laude)

    “I started my journey with the Century City Conference Centre and Hotel in 2016 when it first opened. I started off as a bar lady not knowing what I wanted to do as I exited high school, but through the company’s bursary program I have now achieved both experience and credibility. Four years later, I now have a diploma in hospitality management and the opportunity to further grow in my newly appointed role as the assistant restaurant manager.

    During my time here, I have been lucky enough to get guidance from some of the most knowledgeable entrepreneurs within this company as I was exposed to all the different departments and roles. My passion for this line of work grows daily when I see the gratitude from guests as a direct result of my colleagues’ and my service contributions.

    I am forever grateful to this company for watering my dream.”

    • Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management- IHS

    • Diploma in Hospitality Management – AHLEI

    “I never sought out a career in the hospitality industry, until I started working as a receptionist at the front desk. Over the years, I’ve been in different departments, meeting new people and finding my strengths and weaknesses. My passion grew and I knew instantly that this is where I am supposed to be. I always say you don’t choose hospitality, but hospitality chooses you. Being around guests certainly makes me happy as I try my utmost to assist where I can. In this way my growth is a by-product of guests’ interactions and appreciation.

    I have found a home and a family that accepts all that I am, that has your best interests at heart and always believes in second chances. So I am honored to be working for Century City Conference Centre and Hotel, since they have changed my life by blessing me and others with bursaries. I am proud to be one of the first bursary students!”