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    Health & Safety

    Your wellbeing is our highest priority

    Century City Conference Centre has always considered the health and safety of our guests and staff to be a top priority. Which is why we conform to the highest industry standards in complying with health and safety requirements: as part of all our general operations, as well as during every event that we host.

    Commitment To Care Programme: Our COVID-19 Protocols

    With the arrival of the Covid-19 crisis, we rapidly adapted our offerings and operations at Century City Conference Centre, and elevated our health and safety protocols according to the highest possible global industry standards to fight the disease.

    You can find out more about our CTC Covid-19 Protocols here

    General Health and Safety Information

    Your wellbeing, and that of all our visitors, guests and staff is of utmost importance to us. Amongst other aspects of our commitment to Health and Safety, we have:

    • a dedicated First Aid Room available for the use of our guests;
    • staff trained in First Aid on-site during events;
    • as well as staff members who have detailed knowledge of Health and Safety requirements associated with events.

    In addition to these measures, should you require a Health and Safety officer or medics to be present during your event, we can assist you with arranging the relevant permissions and logistics. Please discuss your requirements with one of our Meetings and Events Co-ordinators.


    Kindly note that a Health and Safety Officer and medic will be required to be present during the setup and breakdown of any exhibition events to oversee all Health and Safety aspects of these events. You can arrange this directly with our preferred supplier, or we can source a quotation of costs for you.

    To find out more about our detailed Health and Safety protocols, please take a look through our Exhibitor Manual. Specifically, please note the following sections/pages:

    • Introduction (Page 6)
    • Aisle Encroachment (Page 6)
    • Emergency procedures and fire regulations (Page 7)
    • Fire Escapes (Page 8)
    • Liability (Page 9)
    • Safety guidelines (Page 10)