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What is Quadcare?

Quadcare is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for quadriplegics – founded by Century City Conference Centre and Hotels CEO, Gary Koetser.

Together with Quadcare, we provide support and services that maintain dignity, alleviate family burdens, and offer purpose to quadriplegics.

Quadcare Mission & History

Join us in our mission to make a lasting difference and create a society that embraces empathy, support, and inclusivity for all.

Together, let us rewrite the narrative of quadriplegia and pave the way for a brighter future.

Quadcare is driven by founder, Gary Koetser’s, deep personal connection to quadriplegia. At the tender age of 9, Gary’s father had an accident at his workplace and became quadriplegic, and the challenges their family endured left an indelible mark on him. Witnessing the profound impact on individuals and their families, Gary made it his life’s mission to create an organization that would make a tangible difference.

Quadcare is the embodiment of Gary’s unwavering dedication, fuelled by his first-hand experience and empathy.

At Quadcare, our primary objective is to provide much-needed relief and support to quadriplegics and their families. Through generous donations from individuals and organizations, we supply crucial resources, including wheelchairs, medical supplies, and personal toiletries.

These essential provisions not only address practical needs but also improve the overall well-being and comfort of quadriplegics. By lifting the financial burden and ensuring access to vital supplies, Quadcare strives to enhance the quality of life for those affected by quadriplegia.

Recognizing the immense challenges faced by families of quadriplegics, Quadcare goes beyond material support. We understand that caregivers often bear significant physical, emotional, and financial strains.

To alleviate this burden, Quadcare provides dedicated carers, offering respite and assistance to family members. This support not only enhances the quadriplegic’s well-being but also ensures that their loved ones have the opportunity to rest, recharge, and care for themselves.

Quadcare believes in strengthening the entire support system surrounding quadriplegics.

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