Century City Hotel Bridgewater: A Taste of What Lies Ahead

The new Bridgewater One precinct continues to take shape as development roars ahead, with the stylish apartments nearing completion, and the new Century City Hotel Bridgewater promising to bring guests a bold modern take on checking in for business or leisure.













Century City Hotel Bridgewater: Designed to bring balance to a modern lifestyle

Now in the final stages of finishing and fit-out, Century City’s new hotel, Century City Hotel Bridgewater is situated in a location that truly offers the best of both worlds: the hotel looks out over a six-hectare parkland of landscaped islands and waterways, just a stroll from Century City’s vibrant Urban Square and Conference Centre. The enviable location opens up a host of leisure activities, all within easy walking distance. These include the network of trails in Ratanga Park or along the banks of Century City’s picturesque canal system, or paddling the waterways in a kayak or on a stand-up paddle board.  To celebrate the benefits of this unique location, the new hotel has been designed to create a zone of tranquility in the heart of activity.


Century City Hotel Bridgewater will make use of the latest trends in hospitality technology to make guests’ lives easier. For example, whether guests prefer a personal check-in experience or a contactless, paperless process, both will be seamlessly provided for.

This approach extends to the public areas of the Hotel, which have been deliberately designed to make people feel comfortable to sit down, order a coffee and a snack, recharge their laptop or tablet, and carry on communicating in our work-from-anywhere world, thanks to the high-speed, establishment-wide WiFi connection.

When it comes to dining, the robust warmth and flavour of the adjacent urban Italian restaurant, with a wood-fired oven, makes it abundantly clear that whether you are staying for business or pleasure, your taste buds will be treated to a feast of fine flavours.


For optimal convenience at every turn, in a location that connects work and leisure, nature and technology, personal warmth and digital efficiency, Century City Hotel Bridgewater will set new standards of hospitality excellence that will be hard to match.

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