Covid-19 Commitment to Care Programme

Our Commitment to Care – Century City Conference Centre and Hotel’s Covid-19 Health and Safety Programme

As we have re-opened the doors of the Century City Conference Centre and Hotel, we are fully aware of the enormous responsibility this entails to provide an environment that will protect both our guests and our staff from the threat of the Covid-19 virus.

The health and safety of guests and staff has always been a top priority for us, and we have always adhered to the highest standards in this vital area. However, in the light of the coronavirus pandemic, we have elevated our processes and protocols to fight this disease and enshrined them in our Commitment to Care programme.

This programme includes a comprehensive set of new cleaning and safety measures compiled in line with the recommendations of the South African Department of Health, the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) and the Federation of Hospitality Association of South Africa (FEDHASA). We will constantly stay abreast of new recommendations to ensure that our business operates at the highest safety levels.

The Century City Conference Centre and Hotel Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols will redefine our daily hygiene practices, introduce new methods and protocols, and employ innovative digital technologies to reduce the need for physical contact. The programme will also involve a change to how we physically interact with our guests, and will clearly spell out the social distancing standards that we expect everyone in our Conference Centre and Hotel to adhere to.

However, despite all of the changes that implementing these measures require, in terms of our motivation and attention to detail, for us it will be business as usual.

This is because at the core of our business, and as the foundation of everything we do, we have enshrined three simple but fundamental values: Commitment, Consistency and Care. These values are not simply abstract ideals but deeply ingrained attitudes shared by all our staff members. They are part of our corporate culture and our daily interactions.

Our Commitment is borne out of the sacrifice we all make on a daily basis.  Consistency is what enables us to turn that sacrifice into service of unwavering standards, producing exceptional experiences time after time, day in and day out. And Care comes out of the passion we have for what we do, expressed as Excellence with Love.

This is what gives us the confidence that we will indeed be equal to the task of minimising risk throughout the entire guest journey from arrival to departure. Because the knowledge of how to fight this virus will be applied by hands and minds motivated by what is already in our hearts.

Our Commitment to Care protocols are summarised in the five-step approach below:

1. Guest and Staff Arrival

To assist in the detection and prevention of the spread of the coronavirus infection, the arrival of our staff and guests include:

  • Temperature checks conducted at all points of entry
  • Travel declaration and completion of a self assessment form will be required by guests on registration
  • Sanitizer stations installed at all entry points into the buildings
  • Entry to the building will not be permitted without a mask

2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Staff are provided with and trained on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes masks, gloves and Perspex shields.

PPE is also available for guests.

Biohazard boxes are available to dispose of used PPE.

3. Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitising

We will maintain an even higher standard of cleanliness through the increased frequency of cleaning and sanitising. Particular attention will be paid to high-touch surfaces and all kitchen areas.

  • Sanitizer stations are positioned at all entry points and throughout the building
  • The sanitizer is hospital grade and above 70% alcohol content
  • Paper towels are available in all bathrooms

Guest room cleaning standards have been adapted to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This includes the use of hospital-grade cleaning products for all surfaces and linens specifically targeted at the new coronavirus.

  • Room key cards are disinfected before issuing to guests
  • Pens used on registration and in the restaurant are disinfected before issuing to guests
  • Luggage handling include a cleaning process
  • A ‘used items’ box will be placed in meeting rooms for used stationery items and which will be disinfected after each event

4. Physical and Social distancing

  • Floor decals at queuing points are used to indicate the spacing between each person
  • Restaurant furniture, conference furniture and lounge furniture have been re-positioned to adhere to the physical distancing guidelines
  • Maximum capacities in a given space, as indicated by the Department of Health, will be strictly enforced
  • Contactless payment methods are available
  • Contactless ID registration on check-in is used
  • Menus will no longer be shared but will be online or disposable
  • Glass panels are in place in the restaurant at breakfast stations between guests and staff
  • Perspex screens are in place at the reception desk between guests and staff

5. Guest and staff education and training

The plan will be supported by a dedicated onsite Covid-19 Health and Safety Officer who will assess risks and monitor the implementation and compliance of the recommendations by the Department of Health to give you confidence that all planned measures are scrupulously enforced.

  • Signage reminding guests and staff about health, hygiene and the correct wearing of PPE signage is positioned throughout the buildings
  • Staff training includes support, response and reporting in the case of a suspected case
  • Daily team briefings are conducted reinforcing hygiene and the safety protocols and processes
  • Hotel guest rooms and Conference Centre meeting rooms have Covid-19-related resources and information for guests

In short, we are not only complying with all the requirements of all relevant authorities but going above and beyond these measures to do everything within our power to keep all who enter our premises as safe as possible. Collectively, we will beat this virus!

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