Adding value beyond the ordinary: taking conferencing into the future

Century City Virtual Conference Centre (CCVCC) allows our clients to expand their events to include delegates in any location, globally.

This solution runs as a 100% virtual solution or in parallel with Century City Conference Centre’s physical offering: supporting and enhancing face-to-face meetings, conferences, exhibitions and banquets. Rather than replacing our physical offering, this timely innovation is an additional service for our clients to select from as consumer needs evolve.

Century City Virtual Conference Centre consists of broadcasting and streaming solutions and virtual conference specialists that provide clients with the infrastructure to extend the range of their events – allowing global conferences to host thousands of participants. This means that our venue capacities are now limitless!

Events can be hosted as a 100% virtual event or as a hybrid event.

A hybrid event consists of a combination of virtual attendees and speakers connected from various destinations globally as well as attendees and speakers onsite at the venue.

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Glossary of terms:

  • Hybrid Conference: An event that combines a ‘live’ in-person event with a virtual component
  • Two-way feed: A two-way communications infrastructure that can network one or more parts of the smart grid via secure, high speed, high bandwidth connections.
  • Live-streams: A live transmission of an event over the internet.
  • Virtual Event: A completely online event experience, connecting all event stakeholders and participants located across various destinations. Engagement and content is completely online, including webcasts and webinars along with breakout sessions, virtual audience engagement and networking
  • Online Audience: Registered guests to attend the event online/virtually and not in person
  • Bandwidth: The amount of data to be transferred from one point to another / signal transmission i.e. how fast a web page is downloaded for web hosting on a platform
  • On-Demand: Live sessions that are made readily available post event for attendees to accommodate their schedule
  • Platform: Specific web page where the online event is hosted and where the content and engagements are made accessible to the online audience
  • Event Content: The media and information that will be used to convey the speaker, brand and event message to the audiences during the event eg. Presentation material, branding, session abstracts, speaker profiles. Content can be distributed to the audiences via holding slides, presentations, mp3/mp4 videos etc. Pre and Post event content usually involves the marketing and consumer insights of the event
  • Aspect Ratio: Refers to the width and height of an image or screen – the area where the presentation will be displayed
  • Moderator: A designated representative to accept/reject incoming questions on a live session and feeds these through to applicable speakers. An experienced moderator can fulfil the role as the master of ceremony for the event to ensure that the online experience is optimised and equally as rewarding and constructive as the in person experience.
  • Live Polls: Tool to encourage audience engagement during a live presentation in the form of live questions. Results can be kept hidden/private or made public on chosen platform. The results of polls can also assist in ensuring that the online experience is measured and tweaked to achieve the best outcome for the current and future event.
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP): Presenter’s video (from webcam) displayed next to presentation on the main session screen

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