Youth Day 2017 | CCCC&H Hospitality Trainees Score Top Marks

Youth Day 2017 | CCCC&H Hospitality Trainees Score Top Marks

We firmly believe that the success of our business lies in the hands of our youth, and are committed to actively empowering our young employees. Last year Century City Conference Centre & Hotel proudly launched the first in a tradition of bursaries for two deserving staff members, Gabrielle Roland and Zahde Marillac Khan, who are now mid-way through their first year of official training.

The Bursary Programme gives candidates the opportunity to pursue Traineeships in Hospitality Management, gaining practical industry experience as well as earning a valuable qualification: a Diploma in Hospitality Management.

How It Works

A number of eligible candidates made their way through a rigorous application process before Gabby and Zahde Marillac were selected to receive the opportunity. “I never thought in a million years that I would be chosen, but I decided that I would give it my all anyway,” says Gabby.

The traineeship comprises of work-integrated learning undertaken at Century City Conference Centre, Century City Hotel and Square Cafe & Wine Bar, as well as theoretical study, tutorials and courses through the prestigious International Hotel School.

Trainees work in modules, with their time being divided between Kitchens, Food & Beverage, Front Office, Rooms Division and other departments of the hotel and conference centre. This allows them to see the full picture, standing them in good stead


Upon successful completion, graduates will receive an IHS Higher Certificate: Hospitality Management. The bursary winners are then able to apply for further studies (full time), choosing to pursue either a Diploma in Hospitality Management or Professional Cookery & Kitchen Management.

Top Achievers Aim High As Exams Approach

Gabby and Zahde Marillac have both achieved 100% for every single assignment they have submitted – an amazing feat considering the fact that they work full time, too. They both claim to have learned a great deal since starting their traineeships, and value the time spent putting theory into practice in the various conference centre, hotel and restaurant departments. “We have realised just how much we’ve learned now we’ve had the chance to apply it,” says Roland, who began her hospitality journey as a bar lady at Square Cafe & Wine Bar, fresh out of grade 12.

The duo claim that the Traineeship has highlighted what they, as individuals, are able to contribute to the company, keeping them inspired to keep learning and growing. Exams start in a few weeks, and Gabby and Zahde Marillac have begun to knuckle down, with their sights firmly set on their goals. “It’s challenging, but it’s also really exciting”, they agree.

In addition, our trainees are learning the true value of teamwork, and during the course of the year, have become comrades in hospitality. They have said that their professional partnership keeps them inspired, as they are able to share experiences and explore industry-related topics of interest together – a bonus benefit of the opportunity they have been afforded.


Following Gabby and Zahde Marillac’s success, the initiative has sparked the interest of various other staff members within the organisation. All eligible staff members are encouraged to apply. As our Joint CEO’s have put it, “Our aim with the bursary programme is not only to empower our talented young employees, but also to inspire excitement about working here, and about the hospitality industry as a whole.”

Gabby and Zahde Marillac have proven, beyond expectations, that they are exceptional candidates for the trainee programme, and we are honoured to be part of the long and fruitful careers they’re sure to enjoy.

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