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Century City Conference Centre

Designed as the hub and pivotal point of the precinct, the Century City Conference Centre’s bold architectural form is matched only by its even bolder unseen features – world-class connectivity, electric creativity and unparalleled choice to make any event truly unforgettable.

Transcend convention

The Century City Conference Centre offers a choice of 20 different venues including:

  • Four large halls, three of which may be combined
  • A spacious, open-plan foyer suitable for exhibitions, launches and cocktail parties
  • 11 meeting rooms, ranging in size from 30m2 to 70m2
  • An 80-seater business lounge with boutique buffet refreshments
  • Century City Square, an event venue of 1,200m2

Plan your event at our world-class conference centre or versatile outdoor Square

Halls & Foyer

Meeting Rooms



We strive to minimise the impact of our operations on the earth, and have implemented a number of policies and operational procedures to this end.

Health & Safety

Your wellbeing is our highest priority.

Century City Conference Centre has always considered the health and safety of our guests and staff to be a top priority. Which is why we conform to the highest industry standards in complying with health and safety requirements: as part of all our general operations, as well as during every event that we host.

Smart City

Over the last 20 years, the 250ha Century City has grown into a multi-generational precinct, successfully managed by the CCPOA.

The precinct includes five Hotels, Century City Conference Centre, a Curro Junior and Senior School, two Educare centres, Oasis Luxury Retirement Resort and Oasis Care Centre for the frail and elderly.

Century City has 21-million visitors a year and more than 4000 front doors with an estimated 12 000 people who live in the precinct.

Services & Features


We take care of all the tech details so that you can focus on giving your attendees the best possible – and most positive – experience. Each guest receives access to free 1GB fibre Internet (1:1 CR).


Relax, network and recharge: our Business Lounge is the kind of unique extra service that we have created to enhance and facilitate your experience with us.


As for everything we offer and do at Century City Conference Centre, polished, superior service and the utmost attention to detail are what sets us apart: and our food is no exception.


We operate a dedicated halaal-certified kitchen; and if Kosher catering is preferred, we are also able to make arrangements for this.


Century City Conference Centre is proud to offer our clients the state-of-the-art Century City Virtual Conference Centre as a complement to our usual event offerings.


Unique to CCCC, Guest Services Agents are available to to direct guests to their conference and meeting venues, and to assist with any queries during the day.

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